HLG stands ready to support Foreign Service Officers

Presidential elections and political transitions stir feelings of hope and optimism along with anxiety and uncertainty among civil and Foreign Service employees. The direction of our foreign policy may appear unsettled and the normal departure of experienced employees has combined with few new appointments and a freeze on hiring to leave an unusual number of vacant positions.

Nevertheless, as Barbara Stephenson, President of the American Foreign Service Association, recently said, these challenges present a tremendous opportunity for “the next generation of leaders . . . eager to step up and serve, ensuring the continuity of this great institution.” We share AFSA’s optimism and know that our country is in the good hands of thousands of diplomats around the world, working hard to protect American interests and promote American values.

At the same time, we recognize that some may not share this sense of optimism. To those employees, HANNON LAW GROUP assures you that we stand ready and committed to merit system principles and due process of law. For more than a decade, we have fought for Foreign Service Officers to protect them from arbitrary discipline, retaliation, and discrimination, through both Republican and Democratic administrations. Foreign Service Officers should know that in HANNON LAW GROUP, they have an experienced partner ready to work for them.

HANNON LAW GROUP also urges concerned employees to purchase professional liability insurance that provides coverage for discipline, separation, and investigation actions. Hirshorn is one of the few insurance carriers that offer this coverage and the only one that offers a policy designed exclusively for members of the Foreign Service. The State Department even subsidizes your premium payments. More information is available on AFSA’s website.

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