Hannon Law Group supports…

Hannon Law Group supports the PDS/ACLU federal lawsuit regarding the D.C. Jail

HANNON LAW GROUP and the FOP/DOC Labor Committee announce the filing of an amicus curiae brief in support of the PDS/ACLU federal lawsuit regarding conditions at the D.C. Jail. Read More
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D.C. Deputy Attorney General George Valentine has passed due to Covid-19

A colleague, George Valentine, Deputy Attorney General for the District of Columbia, has died of COVID-19 at the young age of 66. Every new attorney at OAG should be required to learn about George. The story can be found here. Read More
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Department of Corrections Leadership Mishandle Covid-19 Procedures

HANNON LAW GROUP sends up alarm on behalf of their clients, the Corrections Officers who work the D.C. Jail. The Department of Corrections is totally unprepared for this virus, and have ordered Corrections Officers to engage in hands on escorting of… Read More
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Hannon Law Group files wh…

Hannon Law Group files whistleblower lawsuit on behalf of client Conan Bruce

Conan Bruce, the former associate director of security for the D.C. Department of General Services, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court. Mr. Bruce was fired after raising concerns about the security provided at D.C. Government bu… Read More
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Client Found Immune From Civil Liability by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit

During the course of an investigation, the Special Agent interviewed a witness scheduled to be deported as part of an unrelated immigration proceeding. The witness flirted with the Special Agent and asked him to intervene in her immigration case. Whe… Read More
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Attorney David Kris Amicus Curiae Lady Justice

Attorney David Kris appointed Amicus Curiae to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

Chief Judge James Boasberg of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has issued an Order. This order appoints Attorney David S Kris as “Amicus Curiae” to the Court. Mr. Kris is to review the FBI’s response to the Court’s… Read More
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Merry Christmas!

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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - Event

Hannon Sponsors Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

On December 7th, HANNON LAW GROUP sponsored Pear Harbor Remembrance Day. Hannon also sponsored a Meet & Greet for Lee County Commissioner Candidate, Michael Dreikorn in Matlacha, Florida. Founding Partner, Michael Hannon read his Uncle Thomas Han… Read More
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Associate Davis C. Rajtik…

Associate Davis C. Rajtik on the publication of his Washington Post letter to the editor

HANNON LAW GROUP congratulates Associate, Davis C. Rajtik, on the publication of his Washington Post letter to the editor: Transit Needs to be a Part of the Rebuilt American Legion Bridge. "To really transform bridge capacity, transit needs to encom… Read More
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HANNON LAW GROUP defeats bogus toxic mold claim

On October 12, 2019, a judge in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia threw out a multi-million dollar personal injury claim by a tenant who claimed she suffered kidney death due to exposure to toxic mold in her D.C. rental property. The ju… Read More
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