Associates Sworn Into DC…

Associates Sworn Into DC Bar

On January 12th, our Associates Gemma K. Forest and Patrick A. Burke were sworn into the District of Columbia Bar. Congratulations Gemma and Patrick! Read More
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A Message of Hope from HA…

A Message of Hope from HANNON LAW GROUP

We at HANNON LAW GROUP have seen many messages after the breach of the Capitol. We commend to you the following message from Rev. Stephen W. Planning, SJ, President of Gonzaga College High School, the alma mater of our founding partner, J. Michael Ha… Read More
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Maryland Criminal Law Upd…

Maryland Criminal Law Update 2020

This week, the Maryland State Bar Association held its' inaugural Virtual Legal Excellence Week. The event combined their "biggest CLE Institutes and Fall Summits into one week of learning and connecting." On November 12th, the program put on a Cr… Read More
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Shop Steward Training Rec…

Shop Steward Training Recap

On Friday, October 2nd, Hannon Law Group held a Shop Steward Training event at the Fraternal Order of Police DC Lodge #1. The training was lively, instructive, and informative. We look forward to providing future trainings and events. Read More
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Federal Judiciary Committ…

Federal Judiciary Committee Updates Jury Instructions

In an effort to combat the threat of social media infringing upon the accused’s rights, the Federal Judiciary Committee has issued an update to the model jury instructions that expands upon the previous version issued in 2012. These new jury instru… Read More
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hands on jail bars on black background


As attorneys for the Correctional Officer’s Union, HANNON LAW GROUP provided the federal court information about unsafe conditions at the D.C. Jail. Read More
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Headshot of Attorney Ann-Kathryn So

Ann-Kathryn So Rejoins Firm

Ann-Kathryn So has rejoined HANNON LAW GROUP as a Senior Associate. Prior to her return, Ann served for nine years with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). During that federal government service, she managed significant and classified ma… Read More
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FOPDOC Labor Committee Coronavirus D.C. Jail


This evening, the Correctional Officers working at the D.C. Jail have filed a Class Action Lawsuit against the District of Columbia and the D.C. Jail in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. The lawsuit alleges that the District’s failur… Read More
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Image of inmate in prison

Hannon Law Group supports the PDS/ACLU federal lawsuit regarding the D.C. Jail

HANNON LAW GROUP and the FOP/DOC Labor Committee announce the filing of an amicus curiae brief in support of the PDS/ACLU federal lawsuit regarding conditions at the D.C. Jail. Read More
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white lilly black background

D.C. Deputy Attorney General George Valentine has passed due to Covid-19

A colleague, George Valentine, Deputy Attorney General for the District of Columbia, has died of COVID-19 at the young age of 66. Every new attorney at OAG should be required to learn about George. The story can be found here. Read More
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