DOC Labor Committee Building

HANNON LAW GROUP, LLP, is pleased to convey our congratulations to the Fraternal Order of Police, Department of Corrections Labor Committee (“FOP/DOC”) on their new offices.

On September 6, 2018, the FOP/DOC held a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by members of the executive board and general body. Those in attendance included D.C. Council member Vincent C. Gray, who had the honor of cutting the ribbon and gave kind remarks recognizing the FOP/DOC for its strong commitment to the rights of government employees at the D.C. Department of Corrections.

Located near the intersection of Pennsylvania and Alabama Avenues in Southeast, D.C., the office is now set to be the new hub for the FOP/DOC’s administrative and planned community involvement activities. To commemorate the occasion, the FOP/DOC also hosted a cookout for guests and local residents so all could participate in welcoming the FOP/DOC to the neighborhood.

The FOP/DOC is the local union at the D.C. Department of Correction and serves as the exclusive representative for employees for the purpose of collective bargaining over terms and conditions of employment with the D.C. Department of Corrections.