A District of Columbia Superior Court jury today returned a $4,320,000 verdict against WMATA in favor of local pastry chef Joshua Short.  Mr. Short was struck by a WMATA bus on Christmas night in 2015.  He was walking home at 6:00 p.m. from his job… Read More
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Personal Injury at a Busi…

Personal Injury at a Business, Store, or Restaurant

In today’s society you may be a victim of a crime by simply being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  You could be visiting a store or restaurant and suffer an assault by a patron, or just by someone that wanders in.  You could be robbed, or… Read More
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HLG Sponsors 2018 DC Metro Brothers in Blue Bash

HANNON LAW GROUP, LLP, is a proud sponsor of the 2018 DC Metro Brothers in Blue Bash, a fundraiser benefiting the Montgomery County Police Explorer Post 1986. The Montgomery County Police Explorer is a youth volunteer group administered by the Capta… Read More
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Unionizing and Concerted…

Unionizing and Concerted Activity in the Private Sector

 Labor union participation has declined drastically since the 1970s.  From so-called “right to work” laws to outspoken political opposition, the labor market has grown increasingly hostile to unionization—and none more so than the private sec… Read More
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Changes may be coming to dues collection of public sector unions in D.C

The Supreme Court announced in late September that it will revisit a previous holding that public sector unions may collect service fees from non-union employees for collective bargaining, monitoring the collective bargaining agreement, and filing gr… Read More
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Hannon Law Group is pleas…

Hannon Law Group is pleased to announce that Gabriele Ulbig has joined the firm as an associate attorney.

Gabriele Ulbig brings experience and passion supporting employees’ rights.  Prior to joining the firm, she worked for the United Mine Workers of America as a law fellow, advising union officers on employment and labor law issues and representing t… Read More
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An Update on Virginia Employment Law

  Governor McAuliffe goes back to the very beginning. Executive orders have dominated the recent news cycle.  Although presidential orders tend to receive the most publicity, especially as of late, governors across the country also wield this poli… Read More
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Maryland Strengthens Equal Pay Laws

Maryland’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act went into effect on October 1, 2016. The Act targets Maryland’s gender wage gap, already one of the country’s smallest, and extends to disparities based on gender identity as well as sex. Read More
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New D.C. Law Would Prohibit Employers from Using Credit Information

The Fair Credit in Employment Amendment Act of 2016 prohibits covered employers from discriminating against current or prospective employees based on credit information. It also prohibits them from requesting, obtaining, or using credit information. Read More
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Presidential elections and political transitions stir feelings of hope and optimism along with anxiety and uncertainty among civil and Foreign Service employees. The direction of our foreign policy may appear unsettled and the normal departure . . . Read More
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